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At the intersection of different worlds

I always felt like living at the intersection of different worlds, in terms of cultures, social classes, work and even appearence.

I am Tunisian with a very deep attachment to the arabic and muslim culture, and I spent about twenty years in European countries. I understand and love European culture.

My parents come from different social classes: my mother’s family belongs to the upper class while my father’s family belongs to the working class. Therfore I understand the visions, hopes and complexes of both classes.

In my work, I have two very different specializations: human rights on the one hand and business law on the other hand. I understand the business mind and I deal with financial institutions as banks and investment funds. At the same time, I care for weak people and I feel that it is my duty to defend them.

In my appearence, also, I always felt like being at the intersection. I have very blue eyes in a country where it is pretty rare. And, I have also very frizzy hair. I straight them in the winter and let them frizz in the summer. My frizzy hair are as wild and independent as I am and show my African roots, that I am proud of.

I am strongly attached to my country, my roots, my Arabity, my Africanity, but at the same time I feel I belong to the world. I believe that 90% of people are good people, looking for love and a better life for their children. Some time ago, between two careers, I went around the world, alone, and this experience confirmed me that people are the same everywhere, with the same hopes. We are all one.