Interview – The Daily Beast (17 September 2012)

Arab Spring Countries Take Stock After Violent Anti-American Protests

By Mike Giglio, The Daily Beast (17 September 2012)

Protesters in Karachi, Pakistan, tried to storm the U.S. Consulate on Sunday and Hizbullah’s leader called for more demonstrations, but much of the unrest over an Islam-bashing film seems to have ebbed. Now come the questions, Mike Giglio reports.

Farah Hached, a prominent lawyer in Tunisia, thought the authorities would be ready if the anti-American unrest came her country’s way. It had started last Tuesday, when protesters at the U.S. Embassy in Cairo stormed the 12-foot concrete walls and replaced the American flag with an Islamic one, while armed men in the Libyan city of Benghazi took advantage of a similar protest to attack the consulate there and kill the U.S. ambassador. The demonstrations spread as far as Yemen, Iran, and Iraq over the next two days. “The government had three days to prepare. They should have been ready,” says Hached, who runs Laboratoire Démocratique, a human-rights NGO in Tunis.

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